Hello, I'm Darin Barnes.

Building on an architectural background, I am a UX & Visual Designer interested in simple digital experiences that encourage users to engage with their physical world. Currently based in Detroit and bringing better sleep to all at Tuft & Needle. Learn More

Go to the Serta.com Redesign case study on Medium.

Serta.com Redesign

A redesign of the UX and Visual Design of serta.com to simplify the eCommerce experience for customers and ultimately increase Serta’s online sales.

Tuft & Needle
A hand holds an iPhone with a single frame of an image gallery of Uniqlo models. The image gallery extends beyond the frame of the iPhone on both sides.

U by Uniqlo - Concept Design ↗

Concept design for a retail companion app to enhance the fitting room and checkout experience for users at their local Uniqlo.

Go to the Sitemap case study on Behance.

Sitemap ↗

Concept design for an app with a location-based architectural map with camera integration for users to explore and document local architecture.

Scattered business cards. Some of the cards show a dark gray side with one of three types of greetings that read "We're your dream team," "We'll handle the rest," and "Experts in sleep stuff." The others show a side that is white and has a simple typographic layout with the Tuft & Needle logo and different amounts of information on each card.

Tuft & Needle Brand Design

Selection of print & digital brand work for Tuft & Needle.

Tuft & Needle

Master Plan Design Code

A bilingual design guideline document to inform the overall design of a large-scale master plan in Tokyo, Japan.

Pickard Chilton

Tuft & needle Homepage Design

A redesign of the Tuft & Needle homepage and iterative design updates.

Tuft & Needle